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Is Russia ramping up its presence in Syria?

Russia could be preparing to put combat aircraft in Syria, presumably to conduct strikes against forces fighting Assad regime

Migrants begin 300-mile trek to Germany on foot

Worn out, but defiant, thousands of migrants march; Austria's Chancellor said his country and Germany will allow migrants to enter their territory

The jobs report leaves Wall Street in a bind

The lower jobless rate means the Fed is sure to hike rates in September, or does it? Unsure, investors are selling

"Super lice" a concern as kids return to school

Parents are worried about the spread of head lice resistant to over-the-counter treatments
Donations are being sought for the monuments honoring the 1981 and 2014 State Championship football team. The Yoe Booster Club is currently taking donations for the State Championship monuments. If you would like to donate, contact a booster member.
The Cameron Yoe football team opened their state title defense Friday with a resounding 63-14 win over Waco Connally. Click here for pictures (courtesy of Jerry Bethell)

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