Weekend Programming Schedule

Weekday Programming Schedule

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A.M. (Morning)


P.M. (Afternoon)

12:00m - 6:00

Mainstream Country

12:00-12:05 CBS News

6:00 - 6:05

CBS News

12:05-12:17 Noon Farm & Ranch Report
6:05 Local Headlines 12:17-12:30 KMIL Local News
6:07-6:28 Wake up Hymns 12:30-12:45 Rural Party Line
6:28 School Menus 12:45-1:00 Farm Bureau Ag Reports
6:30-7:00 Morning Farm News 1:00-1:05 CBS News
7:00-7:10 CBS World News Roundup 1:05-2:00 Afternoon Show with Bret Eberhart
7:10-9:00 Breakfast Club 2:00-2:05 CBS News
7:30 News in the Morning (Local) 2:00-6:00 Afternoon Show with "The Robber"
8:00-8:05 CBS News 3:00-3:05 CBS News
8:30 Local Headlines 3:30 Local Headlines
9:00-9:05 CBS News 4:00-4:05 CBS News
9:05-9:55 The Morning Show with Bret Eberhart 5:00-5:30 KMIL Evening News
10:00-10:05 CBS News 6:00-6:05 CBS News
10:30 Local Headlines 6:00-12mn Mainstream County
11:00-11:05 CBS News
11:55-11:59 How to Manage Your Money
Special Weekday Programming


8:05-9:00 Monday through Friday

Rose & Joe, The Breakfast Club

8:35-9:00am Tuesday

Lets Talk Traffic (with State Trooper Jimmy Morgan)

11:45am Tuesday

County Judge's Report (with County Judge Frank Summers)

9:05-11:55am Friday

Country Classics



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