(CAMERON) A No Drop Off ordinance has been put into effect around the Cameron ISD Campuses.

A “NO DROP OFF” ordinance was put into effect this May, stating that parents will have to use designated school drop off points.  New Signs went up July 2nd to allow parents and citizens to take notice before the new school year begins on August 15th.  The Cameron Police Department will be monitoring and issuing citations to people who violate the ordinance.  The ordnance says, the operator of any motor vehicle or other conveyance shall not stop, stand, park, or leave standing an attended or unattended motor vehicle or momentarily pick up or discharge a passenger on any portion of a street, roadway, or highway provided signs are posted indicating the prohibition. The restrictions described above are limited to 7-9AM and again from 2-5PM when schools within the Cameron Independent School District are in session and conducting school. Sign locations include: East 12th Street between North Fannin Avenue and North Lee Avenue, North Fannin Avenue between East 22nd Street and North West Corner of the Cameron Independent School District property line, East 22nd between North Fannin Avenue and East 21st Street, East 21st  between North Washington Avenue and North Hoover Avenue, and North Washington Avenue between East 21st Street and East 22nd Street.

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