Saturday August 9, 2014

Write in:

WANT: scrap book material Call 254-482-0555.

203 East 16th in Cameron till 1Pm, kids clothes clothes and misc items


1--fs: bells of hay, 42 inch floor fan, doors, 512-365-4928
2--fs: bells square bells of hay, utilty trails, season 254-482-1977
3--fs: trombone forsale for $300, 697-2242
4--gs: sports equiments, much 1149 CR 223 mile outside of Cameron
5--fs: 2006 f-150 305 post oak 254-627-0682
6--fs: box blade, 2 wheel trailer, burn barrials $5, fire wood 979-540-9544
7--gs: rifles 512-455-7371
8--want: bags of leafs/multch 254-627-9106
9--gs 1601 Austin ave accroos from Grace church, clothes for all ages,

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