Saturday November 22, 2014

write ins:

Chest of Drawers $75. (512) 774-8830

1--fs: round bells of hay, cut fire wood/post oak, 42 inch floor fan on wheels. potted plants, berry, brown figs 512-365-4928
2--fs: cattle guard, and wanting 254-482-0249
3--fs queen size matress 697-3976
4--fs: male and female, old english puppies 605-0601
5--fs: 1975 john moore tractor restored, 3 points scoop, trailer, bbq pits, sheet rock tools, carpenter, to commerical heaters 979-540-9544
6--want: dog igloo house295-6454
7--fs: gas heaters, old VCR tapes, 254-493-7574

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