Saturday September 13, 2014

write ins:

1--yd: 400 east 7th street
2--fs: riding lawn mower, round bells of hay, 40 floor, squarl cage 512-365-4928
3--fs: dryer, 10 foot long gate 512-955-0411
4--fs: 254-329-7862
5--fs; 1999 pick up, acres for sale 254-493-2408
6--fs: funiture repair 627-9776
7--fs: dorm frig, 2 wheel trailer, swimming pool ladder, 979-540-9544
8--ys: 122 south travis in rockdale, starting at 11AM
9--fs: season oak, pecan, and hickery, wood, sqares bells of hay 254-482-1977
10--fs: gabrial guitar, horner acordian 583-2926

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