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Abner Tries To Raise Lums Bail Money 1935-04-18
Story Of Abners Rescue Getting Bigger 1935-04-19
Dick Huddleston Talks To Judge Of Lums Case 1935-04-20
Discussing Detective Methods 1935-04-23
Abner Helps Lum Pack For Trip To Tulsa 1935-04-24
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Evalena Frank Foster To Be Married 1935-04-26
Lum Needs Engagement Ring For Evalena 1935-04-29
Squire Buys Evalenas Engmnt Ring For Lum 1935-05-06
Lum Rcvs Chain Letter From Denver 1935-05-07
Lum Will Start His Own Chain Letter 1935-05-08

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