Tuesday Want-ads
November 17, 2020


Looking for land to lease for deer hunting around Milam County call 254 482 1449


1--fs: mic stands. FX pedals. guitar. want: Fender guitars. 254-297-9413
2--want: 8 or 10' shredder. 254-760-5270
3--want: person to rake leaves. 254-697-4012
4--found: horse in Maysfield area. 254-697-4381
5--gs: 8AM Fri-Sun at 709 E. 18th in Cameron.
6--fs: shelled pecans. 254-482-1269
7--gs: Fri-Sat at 3706 S. TX36 in Cameron, 1 mile past Rockdale Y toward Milano. kitchenware, houseware, tools, clothes, furniture, Xmas items, more
8--want: bumper pull camper trailer, no pop ups. 254-721-6590
9--fs: sewing chest. (2) 4-drawer filing cabinets. 254-760-1451

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