Thursday Want-ads
April 2, 2020


fs: young goats, $85. 254-493-4419

want: set of dumbbells ranging up to 70 lbs. 254-482-0553


1--fs: 6-lug 15" Chevy rims w/ all terrain tires, $400. 254-721-6590
2--want: 10-12' wood pole. fs: 2x4s. cement house blocks. 254-541-7982
3--fs: 8-lug 17" steel wheels off 3/4 ton Chevy truck, $25 each. 512-966-0826
4--fs: 2012 Ford Escape, 150k miles, 1-owner, $6700. 254-624-1594
5--want: parts for air motor windmill. free: plastic reinforced feed sacks. 254-657-2271
6--fs: 2002 Buick LeSabre, auto, runs good. youth and adult saddles. ostrich skin boots 9.5D. Ariat leather lace up boots. 254-239-4827
7--fs: Chevy V8 engines, cylinder heads, carburators, intakes, other engines. will do: car resurrection. 254-482-0524
8--fs: 10-wheel hay rake. John Deere chisel plow, $500. round and sq hay bales, $50/round and $5/sq. 254-231-2117

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