Want-ads Monday
March 30, 2020


want: set of dumbbells ranging up to 70 lbs. 254-482-0553

fs: (50) 16x8x4 bricks, $1.20 each. 254-297-9274


1--free: 6-week-old pups. 254-482-1315
2--free: kittens. 254-718-3900
3--found: female Red Heeler by auction barn on W. Batte. 254-231-5381
4--fs: Brazos Berries. Brown Turkey Figs. seasoned oak and pecan firewood. (4) 16" tires. brush guard off 2009 Ford F150. 512-365-4928
5--fs: Chevy V8 engines, cylinder heads, carburators, intakes, other engines. will do: car resurrection. 254-482-0524
6--want: electric stove. 254-493-8322
7--will do: shredding, yard work, etc. 254-482-8882
8--want: washer. 254-482-1274
9--fs: 2 utility trailers (8x12 and 5x9). seasoned oak firewood. 254-654-8509 or 254-482-1655
10--free: 6 kittens. 512-430-2927
11--fs: small chest type freezer. free: coffee table. want: person to clean house. 512-446-3665
12--fs: 10-wheel hay rake. 11-shank chisel plow. round and sq hay bales, $50/round and $5/sq. 254-231-2117

Alternative Players