(CENTRAL TX) With the Independence Day holiday upon us, it`s wise to use extreme caution and common sense when handling fireworks. For example:

--Make sure you always read and follow the directions on the label. 
--When igniting fireworks, fire them only outdoors...never inside. 
--Also, be sure you have water on hand, just in case you need it.
--Never experiment or attempt to make your own firework. 
--Light fireworks on a smooth, flat surface away from houses, leaves or flammable objects.
--Finally, make sure you store fireworks in a cool and dry place.

Possession or use of fireworks within the city limits can result in significant fines, damage to property, and personal injury.  Plan ahead to go to a legal location and use caution with these miniature explosives.  The side of the road, just outside the city limits, does not count as a legal location. 

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