Friday Want-ads
August 7, 2020


gs: today at 1707 North Travis in Cameron. antiques, furniture, more

gs: 8AM-Noon Saturday at 1005 East 3rd in Cameron, Unit #32.


1--fs: Whirlpool dishwasher. 254-482-0995
2--for rent: house in Rogers. fs: 27.5 acres b/t Heidenheimer and Rogers. 254-493-2408
3--fs: 18 quart roaster oven, $20. rooster plates from 1855 w/ rack, $45. Whirlpool washer and dryer, $90 each or $150 for both. 254-297-9274
4--fs: Chevy V8 engines. cylinder heads. carburators. intakes. other engines. will do: car resurrection. 254-482-0524
5--want: fresh tomatoes. 254-642-3387
6--want: small 110 room AC. 254-627-1532
7--fs: chests of drawers. barstools. 4x8 utility trailer. acoustic guitar w/ case. entertainment center. more. 254-239-7674
8--want: old video game systems. broken Nintendo Switch consoles. 254-482-0434
9--fs: side steps for Dodge Ram 3/4 ton crew cab. 254-217-6086

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